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Domain Names

Your choice of domain name can have a big impact on the image and prestige of your company and you as a family. It also has an influence on the success of your activities on the world wide web. At present there is not a great deal of regulation controlling who can have what domain name. This is good in one sense since it gives a company or individuals freedom to choose the most appropriate name. However it also means that the name or names you want can easily be registered by someone else, even if those names have less relevance to them than to you. If you are too late with your registration the chance to choose the name you want may possibly be lost forever!

So even if you are taking your time in assessing how, or even whether, you should be present on the internet you would be well advised to take steps now to protect those names which will be of importance to you in the future. Fortunately this is easy to do and doesn’t cost a fortune

  Small Business Customers

A low-cost domain name really makes your small business standout from the crowd. For example which allows you to have professional style e-mail addresses such as

Please contact us on 01785 748544 or click here for more contact options

  Residential Customers

If your family would like an email address for themselves, then look no further. We can provide your family with its very own domain name, e.g., allowing you all to have an easy to remember email address, e.g.

Please contact us on 01785 748544 or click here for more contact options

  Free E-Mail Services for Domain Customers

So once you have purchased your domain you need to collect your e-mail. This is simple with our free IMAP/POP3/SMTP e-mail package. When sign up for a domain just tell us how many e-mail accounts you need and we’ll create them for you. (unlimited). Please note there is no web interface to these mail accounts or phone sync (unless you use IMAP or POP3).

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